"E-Book Protection Pro" Features

You will have COMPLETE and TOTAL control over your own product! No more illegal copies!

Although it offers many functions, "E-Book Protection Pro" is absolutely easy-to-use, everything can be performed with just a few clicks. Even an absolute beginner user, with only elementary understanding of the computer can use the software.

The list of functions and screens is not complete; the software has a lot of other useful functions. The instruction manual bundled with "E-Book Protection Pro" details everything step-by-step.

Creating a new e-book:
You can very easily create a new e-book, protect your training videos or infoproducts with "E-Book Protection Pro":
  • Just provide the name of the infoproduct.
  • Then a short description (it will be easier to navigate, if you have many products)
  • The author's name shall also be entered.
  • Then you should provide the product's location on your computer.
  • Set the target directory for the program to create the protected infoproduct.
  • The icon of the created infoproduct can be selected. You can set a start-up image (which appears while the infoproduct is loading).
  • Then the contact information are entered, which enable the user to contact you with any questions regarding the product.
  • Set the data required from the user during the registration of the infoproduct.
  • You may enter a legal statement to your infoproduct (terms of usage, etc.).
  • Set how many passwords should be generated (new passwords for the specific project can be created in the future also, free of charge).
  • Set how many computers the password can be used on. Therefore uploading your product and the related password is futile, it will not be usable.
  • You can set the language of the menu of the protected infoproduct. (you may also provide a custom language, by entering the translations next to the texts of the English language menu, and it will be displayed in the future)
  • You can select which chapter/chapters will be available for free in your infoproduct.
  • The created passwords can be saved in .csv format.
And we are ready! It is very simple to use. The created product works on Windows platform just as a PDF.
Setting user rights:
You can easily search through the users of your infoproduct, set their rights and view how many use each of your products:
  • You can view the list of all your e-books and digital products.
  • Click on the specific product to see the data of users.
  • You can easily search among users based on password or the user's name.
  • The date of the last registration is displayed. Thus, the user may not request a moneyback claiming that it could not open and read your product, or not receiving anything from you at all.
  • You can get information on the total number of users to your product.
  • You can modify the number of computers the user can use your product on, or block access completely with one click.
  • You may also block access to your e-book or digital infoproduct with a unique link, and you can practically make blocking in case of moneybacks automatic.
Editing created e-books
  • After you have updated or rewritten your e-book or digital product, you can recreate it with a single click.

    It enables you to sell the most current version. Naturally, if you want to modify other properties of the product, such as contact information, setting of free chapters, etc., you can do that also.
  • You may block your complete e-book or digital product. This way, no user can access it anymore.
  • You can also delete a specific e-book. Watch out, because this way the user data, passwords and all other information are permanently deleted, and the product will not be accessible by your users either.
  • If the initially generated quantity is not enough, you can provide additional passwords to your e-book or digital infoproduct. This option is also FREE. You can add an unlimited number of passwords.

    Just provide a custom prefix, e.g. sample1, and the number of passwords you with to generate. The generated passwords can be saved in .csv format and you can easily import it to a MySql (or any other) database.
  • All passwords related to a specific product can be listed. You will see that number of active registrations to a specific password.
  • You can remove any of the unused passwords.
  • You may change the number of maximum registrations to all passwords. If - for example - you want the users to be able to view your e-book from 5 computers instead of the originally provided 2, use this function. Then you will not have set these one-by-one.

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