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We have been creating, producing and publishing information products, education DVDs, electronic training materials and e-books for more than 14 years.

We have gained a lot of experience in this field of expertise during these years.

Our major problem was protecting the valuable materials created with plenty of money and time spent by the authors, from illegal distribution and uploads. After an infoproduct is released without protection or in a very weakly protected format, a little later it will be made available in a version free to download from the internet. Thus, it causes enormous financial damage to the creator of the specific product.

Also, plenty of users will exercise the moneyback guarantee. They will not request a return of the product price because they are not satisfied, but because they will be able to continue to use the product without any limitations after the purchase price is returned.

We have tried loads of infoproduct and e-book protection methods during the years, and neither could satisfy our needs. Therefore, in two years, our programming team developed the professional software for this purpose that is perfect from all aspects, the "E-Book Protection Pro".

Your digital products will be perfectly safe, when you use "E-Book Protection Pro". We also protect our own infoproducts with "E-Book Protection Pro", that is how much we trust it.

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Have you also experienced your e-book, video course created by hard work, someone completely uploaded to the internet? You remove it from one site in vain, as it is upload to another hundred the very next day...

Or too many users abuse your moneyback guarantee?

Are you interested in a solution and the reasons why PDF or simple video formats are not advised for your infoproducts?

Subscribe to the entirely free mini training and learn everything about the newest and best protection systems. It is as easy-to-use as creating a PDF file; however your inforproduct will NOT be made downloadable anymore!