Frequently Asked Questions

Can completely beginner users use "E-Book Protection Pro"?
Yes, the software is very easy to use. It is not more complicated than creating a PDF document.
What types of infoproducts can be protected with this software?
It can be used for practically all types of infoproducts. The content may include text, sound, video or any combinations of these.
On what systems can the created protected product be used?
The "E-Book Protection Pro" and the created product runs under all Windows operating systems.

So, if you want to run "E-Book Protection PRO" on Mac, you will need to install a virtual Windows. You can do so in several ways:
What guarantees complete protection to my infoproduct if I use "E-Book Protection Pro"?
First of all, the contents of every created product are protected by 176-bit encryption. The decryption key and the passwords are stored on our server. Without a password your infoproduct cannot be used at all.

The content will be protected from print screen and screen capture programs.

You can set the number of computers to use the infoproduct on with one password. Thus, uploading it to the internet and sharing the password with others is futile.
Can I later modify the number of computers that can access my infoproduct with one password?
Yes, you can.
Can I block a specific user if it request a refund, or for other reasons?
Yes, it can be blocked, and the blocking can also be revoked subsequently.
Can I set some chapters or the whole product to be accessed without a password, free of charge, for promotional reasons?
Yes, it can be set.
Does the created infoproduct copy any unencrypted content to the hard disk during usage?
No, your infoproduct will be completely safe.
Can the generated passwords be exported?
Yes, they can be export in .csv format.
Can I create an unlimited number of electronic products with "E-Book Protection Pro", and can I generate any number of passwords to these?
Yes, there are no limitations!
Can I get statistics on my products?
Yes, you will get laser sharp statistics. You can view the number of users to the specific e-book or infoproduct, the date of registration, the number of licences used, etc.
What language will the menu of the created infoproduct use?
You can set any language. To do so, you only have to enter the translations next to the English language texts in the Settings menu's Language settings part.
How much does "E-Book Protection Pro" cost?
"E-Book Protection Pro" only costs 77$.

We always aim to provide the fastest and most reliable service to our customers from our servers, and to continuously update "E-Book Protection Pro" for the rapidly changing and evolving operating systems. Of course, these updates will be absolutely free to our customers.
Is there any guarantee offered for the product?
We offer a 100% guarantee for 30 days, with no questions asked, guaranteed by the company processing payments.
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