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"E-Book Protection Pro" Infoproduct Protection Software

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Infoproduct protection software,ebook protection pro.
In my previous post, I promised to show You a simple and easy-to-use protection tool that enables you to protect your infoproduct from illegal use.

This protection system is "E-Book Protection Pro", which provides complete protection to your infoproducts from illegal uploads:
You can create the completely protected version of your digital content with a few clicks.

The created product works on all platforms (Windows, Mac) just as a PDF.

Set how many computers the password can be used on. Therefore uploading your product and the related password is futile, it will not be usable.

The case of offering moneybacks is basically the same. Many abuse this by requesting a return of the price, as they can keep the PDF. Since the product protected by "E-Book Protection Pro" may no longer be used after requesting a return of the price, the moneyback rate decreases to 0.2-0.8%.

Certain chapter may be set to be available for free, without password in your product. Thus you can increase interest of the future customers, making them want to access the other parts of the content. After buying, you will simply send them the password and the complete content becomes accessible.

Your product will be protected from print screen and screen capture sotwares.

All created contents are equipped with 176-bit encryption. The encryption key is stored on our server. Without the decryption key the product is only a mess of illegible and useless data. Without a password your infoproduct cannot be used at all.

During its use, the product DOES NOT copy anything on the hard disk in an unencrypted form, and it cannot be copied from the temp directory.

Created passwords can be exported in .csv format and you can easily include them in your own system, if you wish to.

The protection sotware enables creating any number of electronic products and you can generate any unlimited number of passwords, there are NO limitations!

Plenty of other useful features.

Even an absolute beginner user, with only elementary understanding of the computer can use the software.

Use "E-Book Protection Pro" which is now available to everyone. Your digital contents will thus be completely protected from illegal uploads!

If you do not want Your infoproducts to be regularly uploaded to the internet, then order "E-Book Protection Pro" now!

Protect your digital products (e-book, video, infoproduct, etc.) from illegal uploads!

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