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Statistics About the Illegal Use of Infoproducts

Tags: illegal use statistics illegal download infoproducts statistics
Illegal use statistics,illegal download infoproducts statistics. Statistics About the Illegal Use of Infoproducts
91% of infoproducts and other digital products are downloaded from the internet illegally. These downloads account for 4% of the complete traffic of the internet.

Do you understand now why it is vital that you protect your infoproduct appropriately? You work hard for months, and then you only receive 9% of the total income.

If you appropriately protected your product, You could have 100% of the income.

So ignore those that try to persuade You that publishing your product in a pdf format is enough, as it is platform-independent and comfortable. Yes, it is comfortable for those that upload your product, and comfortable for those that want to download it for free...

This also applies to moneyback guarantees. Many abuse this by requesting a return of the price, as they can keep the PDF. According to statistics, the moneyback rate of products issued in a pdf format is 25-30%, even if the users are completely satisfied with the product.

In case of an appropriately protected infoproduct that can no longer be used after the user exercised the moneyback guarantee, the moneyback rate falls to 0.2-0.8%. It is clear that an appropriate protection of your infoproduct provides You with a lot of extra money!

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