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Pdf copy protection. PDF Copy Protection
You can only protect a PDF file from the users absolutely inexperienced with computers. If someone has at least a little understanding of computers, and can use Google search, they will be able to remove protection from a PDF file in a few seconds.

Let's see how a PDF file can be protected:
- Set password protection to the file, and then it can only be opened after entering the password. This protection can be increased, if you generate a different password to each customer. If someone shares your infoproduct, you will be able to identify them. However, this does not prevent your product from being uploaded to the internet. Then the user can claim that he has not uploaded it, but somebody must have hacked his computer, etc. This method does not provide protection for your infoproduct.

- You can disable printing and copying options, thus the PDF cannot be printed and no text can be copied from it. Naturally, this does not prevent your product from being uploaded to the internet either.

Generally speaking, all kinds of protections can be removed from PDF files quite easily. Many programs can remove password and printing/copying limitations (search for the terms "PDF password remover", "PDF cracker" on Google).

Thus, it is quite clear that the PDF format does not provide protection for your infoproduct. Limitations are easy to remove and then nothing stops anyone from uploading your product on the internet, making it freely available to everyone.

In the next post, I will be telling You about digital watermark protections.
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