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"E-Book Protection Pro" Infoproduct Protection Software

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Infoproduct protection software,ebook protection pro.
In my previous post, I promised to show You a simple and easy-to-use protection tool that enables you to protect your infoproduct from illegal use.

This protection system is "E-Book Protection Pro", which provides complete protection to your infoproducts from illegal uploads:
You can create the completely protected version of your digital content with a few clicks.

The created product works on all platforms (Windows, Mac) just as a PDF.

Set how many computers the password can be used on. Therefore uploading your product and the related password is futile, it will not be usable.

The case of offering moneybacks is basically the same. Many abuse this by requesting a return of the price, as they can keep the PDF. Since the product protected by "E-Book Protection Pro" may no longer be used after requesting a return of the price, the moneyback rate decreases to 0.2-0.8%.

Certain chapter may be set to be available for free, without password in your product. Thus you can increase interest of the future customers, making them want to access the other parts of the content. After buying, you will simply send them the password and the complete content becomes accessible.

Your product will be protected from print screen and screen capture sotwares.

All created contents are equipped with 176-bit encryption. The encryption key is stored on our server. Without the decryption key the product is only a mess of illegible and useless data. Without a password your infoproduct cannot be used at all.

During its use, the product DOES NOT copy anything on the hard disk in an unencrypted form, and it cannot be copied from the temp directory.

Created passwords can be exported in .csv format and you can easily include them in your own system, if you wish to.

The protection sotware enables creating any number of electronic products and you can generate any unlimited number of passwords, there are NO limitations!

Plenty of other useful features.

Even an absolute beginner user, with only elementary understanding of the computer can use the software.

Use "E-Book Protection Pro" which is now available to everyone. Your digital contents will thus be completely protected from illegal uploads!

If you do not want Your infoproducts to be regularly uploaded to the internet, then order "E-Book Protection Pro" now!

Protect your digital products (e-book, video, infoproduct, etc.) from illegal uploads!

Order Now---->>>

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Statistics About the Illegal Use of Infoproducts

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Illegal use statistics,illegal download infoproducts statistics. Statistics About the Illegal Use of Infoproducts
91% of infoproducts and other digital products are downloaded from the internet illegally. These downloads account for 4% of the complete traffic of the internet.

Do you understand now why it is vital that you protect your infoproduct appropriately? You work hard for months, and then you only receive 9% of the total income.

If you appropriately protected your product, You could have 100% of the income.

So ignore those that try to persuade You that publishing your product in a pdf format is enough, as it is platform-independent and comfortable. Yes, it is comfortable for those that upload your product, and comfortable for those that want to download it for free...

This also applies to moneyback guarantees. Many abuse this by requesting a return of the price, as they can keep the PDF. According to statistics, the moneyback rate of products issued in a pdf format is 25-30%, even if the users are completely satisfied with the product.

In case of an appropriately protected infoproduct that can no longer be used after the user exercised the moneyback guarantee, the moneyback rate falls to 0.2-0.8%. It is clear that an appropriate protection of your infoproduct provides You with a lot of extra money!

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HTML, CSS, Javascript Protection

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Html protection,css protection,javascript protection. HTML, CSS, Javascript Protection
There are scripts available that protect the content of a website from being downloaded on the computer. This solution may be applied if you create your infoproduct in a not downloadable version, only enabling access through a login page.

The major disadvantage of this protection is that Javascript may be disabled in the browser with one click, and in that case the complete contents in the browser become downloadable.

It is clear now that this method cannot provide complete protection for your infoproduct.

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Digital Watermark

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Digital watermark. Digital Watermark
The essence of the digital watermark is that a unique video/audio file is dynamically generated for each customer, on the server side, which contains hidden data that identify the customer.

Of course, there are also desktop application that enable manually adding digital watermarks to the video/audio content.

Disadvantages of this method:
- It does not avoid sharing at all, it is only a preventive measure. If the customer did not provide real data than this method is useless.

- Even if you find out who shared your infoproduct, there is not much you can do. It is hard to take legal action, as you would have to prove that the shared file did have a watermark (and that is was not inserted subsequently) and that is clearly identifies the specific customer.

It is clear now that your infoproducts are not completely protected from illegal uploads with digital watermarks.

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PDF Copy Protection

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Pdf copy protection. PDF Copy Protection
You can only protect a PDF file from the users absolutely inexperienced with computers. If someone has at least a little understanding of computers, and can use Google search, they will be able to remove protection from a PDF file in a few seconds.

Let's see how a PDF file can be protected:
- Set password protection to the file, and then it can only be opened after entering the password. This protection can be increased, if you generate a different password to each customer. If someone shares your infoproduct, you will be able to identify them. However, this does not prevent your product from being uploaded to the internet. Then the user can claim that he has not uploaded it, but somebody must have hacked his computer, etc. This method does not provide protection for your infoproduct.

- You can disable printing and copying options, thus the PDF cannot be printed and no text can be copied from it. Naturally, this does not prevent your product from being uploaded to the internet either.

Generally speaking, all kinds of protections can be removed from PDF files quite easily. Many programs can remove password and printing/copying limitations (search for the terms "PDF password remover", "PDF cracker" on Google).

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How to Protect Your Infoproduct from Illegal File Exchange and Sharing Websites?

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Protect your infoproduct,file exchange. How to Protect Your Infoproduct from Illegal File Exchange and Sharing Websites?
In these posts I am trying to provide You with many valuable and essential information in a brief form, to assist in successfully protecting your infoproduct from illegal uploads. The greatest advantage of an infoproduct is that it can be quickly and simply forwarded via the internet, and therefore no stocks or warehouses are required.

But this is also the greatest disadvantage. It is very easy to copy them using file exchange and sharing networks. Those who download your product from such sites are not paying You a penny!

They practically cause you damage and ignore the plenty of energy, work and money invested in developing the infoproduct.

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